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June 02 2014

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January 27 2014

January 23 2014

Tequila by Daniel Grzeszkiewicz
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rys. Kasia Babis
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Short komiksowy w 6 numerze "Coś na Progu"
fot. http://www.olej.tv/
rys. Katarzyna Babis
karta z komiksu!
"narysuj Tequilę!" by Telmand (http://telmand.deviantart.com)
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January 15 2014

"narysuj Tequilę" by http://chilienn.deviantart.com/ 
"narysuj Tequilę" by http://naitsab85.deviantart.com/ 
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"narysuj Tequilę" by Rafał Gabriel
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December 14 2013

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Tequila by Karolina Kariolka Burda
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Tequila by Tomasz Morano Jędruszek
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December 07 2013

Okładka pierwszego z serii komiksów
rys. Kasia Babis
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December 05 2013

by Daniel Grzeszkiewicz
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December 03 2013

rys. K. Babis
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rys. Kasia Babis
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rys. Kasia Babis i Daniel Grzeszkiewicz
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November 30 2013

rys. Piotr Rosner
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November 28 2013

rys. K. Babis
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